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Soch - Awari (Live at NescafeBasement).mp3

Soch - Awari (Live at NescafeBasement)
Soch - Awari (Live at NescafeBasement)
Soch - Awari (Live at NescafeBasement)

Music Details
Name Soch - Awari (Live at NescafeBasement).mp3
Uploader Soch
ON 2013-04-10 20:27:40
Genre Pop Rock
Duration 05:54
Size 5.41 MB
Type Audio
BitRate 128kpbs
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Total Play 974775
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Description 'Awari' Audio Download Link: http://www.pakmediarevolution.net/2012/10/nescafe-basement-soch-awari-download-audio-video/ Soch - Awari (NescafeBasement'12) Vocals: Adnan Backing Vocals: Asfar Acoustic Guitars: Rabi & Fawad Electic Guitar: Shahrukh Drums: Mansoor Bass Guitar: Haider Keyboars: Hamza COmposed by: Adnan & Rabi Lyrics: Adnan & Rabi Song by Soch Band All Music Arranged, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Xulfi ‘Awari’ is based on the deepest and the most sensitive theme of adultery that is ignored, but not unexposed in our society. ‘Awari’ depicts the emotional trauma lived by the girl forced in this gruesome, deadly unchosen profession. ‘Awari’ is infact a bold step taken, to convey the terribly difficult painful life the girls in this profession get to live. ‘Awari’ goes on to explain how there are so many secrets in the life if these girls, how secrets about their relationships devastate them and how secrets in and around them force them to drown in the fear of loneliness and depression. ‘Awari’ further elaborates how escape is not an option, especially without the help of other people, is also nearly impossible. ‘Awari’ further compels the listener to think how without the support of law enforcement officials, these girls have little or no hope of ever freeing themselves from their work. “Our heart goes out to the many who are actually trapped between the past of the ‘yesterday’ that would never come again and the future of the ‘tomorrow’ that they may never see!” – Soch
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