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Relationship psychology theories

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Relationship psychology theories

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There is no guarantee that a mark question will be asked in this topic though so it is important to have a good understanding of all of the different areas linked to the topic. There will be 24 marks for relationship questions, so you can expect to spend about 30 minutes on this section, but this is not a strict rule. Anisogamy AO1 Anisogamy means two We fat girls don t have a Kearney cells or gametes that are different coming together to reproduce. Men have sperm cells, which are able to reproduce quickly with little energy expenditure and once they start being produced they do not usually stop until the man dies.

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PSRs are likely to form because the individual views the object of the PSR as i attractive and ii similar to themselves.

Relationship theories—self-other relationship

Gudykunst and Kim note that groups i. In this view, the relationship itself is treated as a separate entity: Relationship has identity Theoriea However, everyday experience tells us we have do some control over our preferences.

Psychological variables to do with shared beliefs and attitudes are the best predictor of a relationship becoming stable. Principles of equity theory: Theoriies — Trade offs and compensations are negotiated to achieve fairness in a relationship Internet sex dates. Figure 2A illustrates how the dialectic perspective aids our understanding of these relational swings within a Paradigm II view of relationships.

In this view self-satisfaction is the prime value, not relationship enhancement. In other words we are constructed in our transactions with others. Parasocial relationships may occur with any dynamic which elevates someone above the population in a community, making it difficult for genuine interaction; this could be anyone from fictitious characters to teachers. System justification theory — proposes that people have a motivation to defend and bolster the status quoin order to Horney woman in Las Vegas Nevada nc com believing that their social, political, and economic systems are legitimate and just.

Clark and Hatfield conducted a now infamous study where male and female psychology students were asked to approach fellow students of Florida State University of the opposite sex and ask them for one of three things; to go on a date, to go back to their apartment, or to go to bed with them. The acceptable CL needed to continue to pursue a relationship changes as a person matures and can be affected by a of Girls having sex with Robinsonville and internal factors.

AO3 Modern dating in society is increasingly visual, with the rise of online dating, particularly using apps such as Tinder. Sprecher and Hendrick observed couples on dates and found relatjonship close correlation between the amount of satisfaction each person felt and the overall self-disclosure that occurred between the partners.

AO3 This theory may be interpreted as similar to the matching hypothesis but for personality rather than physical traits. They are more likely to pick a partner who is genetically fit and willing to offer the maximum resources to raise their offspring a man who will remain by her side as the child grows to protect them both Wives seeking sex tonight Ingram potentially provide more children.

Paradigm II views of relationships are more common in collectivistic cultures. They may either internalise these feelings or confide in a trusted friend. Each partner may seek approval from their friends at the expense of their romantic partner.

List of social psychology theories - wikipedia

It is not I will suck ur cock in your car maybe more now accident that the circle for Self is larger than the circle for Other. Whilst this would be perceived as a less reliable and overly-subjective method in other areas, when looking at the amount an individual feels they are committed to a relationship, their own opinion and the value that they place on behaviors and attributes is more relevant than objective observations.

The theoretical perspective of dialectics is reflective of Paradigm II views of relationships. In other words, we only have Self because we have Others who support that view. Stalking is a severe example of this behavior. Altman and Taylor referred to this sharing of information as social penetration. McKenna and Bargh propose the idea that CmC relationships remove these gates and mean that there is little distraction from the connection Cute sexy bbw wanted people that might not otherwise have occurred.

This could be anything from researching facts about them, both their personal life and their career, to repeatedly experiencing their work, playing their music or relatiobship tickets to see them live, or paying for their merchandise to strengthen the apparent relationship. People raised in individualistic cultures are often not sensitized theoroes thinking in terms of the dialectics of opposites.

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They value quantity over quality. Many psychologists believe that the key to maintaining a relationship is that it is mutually beneficial.

Relationship theories revision notes | simply psychology

The more physically desirable someone is, the more desirable they would expect their partner to be. At this point, the relationship is unlikely to be repaired as each partner has invested in the breakdown to their friends, and any retreat from this may be Urbana seeks chat text woman adult women with disapproval.

While Paradigm II views of relationships move us from emphasis on Self to recognition of Others in context of Relationship, these views of relationships are still bound psychoology individualistic cultures by dualistic thinking.

A dialectical perspective would allow both males and females to recognize the transcendent function of the relationship and recognize that natural fluctuations in autonomy-connection are normal, useful, and temporary processes. Blame is seen as psycholoogy problem of individuals, not the relational process. They found no direct relationship between the type of attachment and the likelihood that parasocial relationship will be formed.

This view is the theiries common view of Honeoye NY milf personals in the individualistic culture of the United States. Understanding of Paradigm II views of relationships has been greatly aided by postmodern thinking. Equity Theory AO1 This is an economic theory of romantic relationships. If one partner's costs begin to outweigh his or her benefits, that person may leave the relationship, especially if there are good alternatives available.


Dion, Berscheid and Walster asked participants to rate photographs of three strangers for a of different including personality traits such as overall happiness and career success. Investments increase dependency on the relationship due to the costs caused by loss of what has been invested.

Low shyness and high Facebook use was not correlated with friendship quality. Disclosure is essential at this stage to ensure partners really do share genuine similarity. Individualistic cultures emphasize individual achievement and initiative Gudykunst and Kimand view the Self as an independent, relationhip, and causative force guiding events Harre Females lose more resources than men if they choose a sub-standard partner, so are pickier about who they select.

To succeed, men must compete with other males to present themselves as the most attractive mate, encouraging features such as muscles which indicate to the opposite sex an ability to protect both them and their offspring. For example the social desirability bias making the respondents under-report their abnormal behavior.

Proponents of this paradigm would view Psycholoty, Other, and relationships as so inextricably tied that talking about one entity would necessitate talking about the other two. As noted above, males are more likely to hold a Paradigm I view of relationships and thus stress independence, while females are more likely to hold a Paradigm II view of relationships and thus stress interdependence.

They spend time thinking about the pros and cons of the relationship and possible alternatives, including being alone. Kissing is Mandatory, investments are a powerful influence preventing relationship breakdown. They found that when victims of crime were perceived to be more attractive, defendants in court cases were more likely to be given longer sentences by a simulated jury.